ThetaPad – A Feature-Rich Note Taking & Data Management App

ThetaPad is a modern hierarchical cross-platform note-taking application that also serves as an efficient personal wiki and data managing application.

It features a clutter-free UI with a typical note-taking app layout consisting of a search field, note creation and editing function icons, and a file tree view.

ThetaPad tree-based notes hierarchy allows users to manage their content in a clean and properly structured way without losing sight of the location of their files.

Features in ThetaPad

  • A clean modern UI with a bright color theme and a file tree view.
  • Download and install ThetaPad on Linux and Windows.
  • Use ThetaPad’s cloud app version right from your browser.
  • Create and manage notes using a robust text editor.
  • Continue working on your notes even when offline.
  • Enter text into the search field to search for notes.
  • Automatically sync your notes between connected devices.
  • Create cross-references between notes.

ThetaPad’s content management system has features other its cross-referencing but it’s left to you to try the app out for yourself if you want to get a feel of those.

Oh, less I forget, ThetaPad is not open source. You will need to register an account with them to host your data and there doesn’t seem to be any option to host your data files yourself.

That not withstanding, ThetaPad is an excellent app for note taking and management. If you don’t already have such an app on your machine then you should check it out.

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Download ThetaPad for Linux

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